Time kills deals.

Tick tick tock… gone. That’s the sound of your preferred candidate being snapped up by one of your competitors. Ironically you were their preferred option. So how did that happen?

Time is the singularly most underrated aspect of the hiring process. We get it: hiring is a drag, a pain, and not necessarily always your topmost priority. But look at it from your preferred candidate’s perspective: it is probably their topmost priority and usually represents a significant emotional investment on their part. They are likely thinking about it all the time, replaying all the various interactions in their mind, mulling it over with their closest and dearest, etc.

This thought process needs to be nurtured. Time is the lifeblood of the hiring process. Momentum is a very powerful thing and can make the difference between securing your preferred candidate’s services or not.

It’s staggering how many companies are guilty of what we call institutional arrogance. They think they are doing people a favour by having a vacancy in the first place. Bit of a sweeping statement sure but typically the bigger the company the greater the arrogance, the more onerous, convoluted and time-consuming the application, interview and on-boarding process.

Responsiveness keeps your opportunity at the forefront of a candidate’s mind. Most hiring processes are long and laborious so a nimble one is refreshingly different. It’s also a very powerful window into your company’s culture: if the interview process is tedious then perhaps that pay rise or promotion discussion further down the line will be equally tedious…

In today’s white-hot market the demand for niche technical skills is fiercer than ever. Here at Mongoose Gray we endeavour to keep you ahead of the competition. We are super-responsive, often oiling the wheels of the hiring process outside of core office hours which puts our clients in pole position the very next working day. Many a process has reached a successful conclusion thanks to going the extra mile like this.

Top-quality candidates invariably have options. They can pick and choose. Small details can make all the difference, most importantly of all they will always remember how you made them feel during the application and hiring process.

We work hard to portray your business and your opportunity in the very best possible light. We work hard to excite and seduce candidates. Yes, hiring someone is a seduction process. You play a big part in that too. We work hard to preserve momentum. Delays between interview stages only serve to chip away at that momentum, it makes you (and us) look bad, and slowly but surely pushes candidates into self-preservation mode where they start to question why they should NOT take your job.

Delays will damage your reputation in the market. Candidates talk. Good candidates talk a lot. Word soon gets around. Selfishly they also damage our reputation, something we’ve worked hard to build and protect. Being brutally honest they also damage our confidence in you. Confidence in presenting you with our very best candidates for fear of a bad candidate experience.

It’s time-consuming enough keeping candidates warm, engaged and updated at each step of the process. Don’t make it even more onerous by introducing unnecessary delays. We’d much rather spend that time sourcing awesome candidates for you.

In short time is everything. Isn’t it time you gave us a call? Dial +44 (0) 203 701 1217.

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