We help build technical teams for high-growth, investor-backed startups and SMEs


As former clients and candidates we have first-hand experience of the traditional IT recruitment model.   It doesn’t work.

As former software engineers, system architects and technical consultants we have first-hand experience of the roles we recruit for.   It works.

You wouldn't entrust a doctor who hadn’t studied medicine nor a barrister who'd never seen a courtroom.   So why take a chance with your technical hiring?

  • First Computing Experience

  • Video Game Development

  • IT Management Consulting

  • Technical Business Analysis

  • IT Project Management

  • Software Engineering

  • Technical Application Support

  • Executive Search Training

  • Mongoose Gray is born

  • Happy candidates, delighted clients


Years of performing the very IT roles we now recruit for, backed up by impeccable technical qualifications, reinforce our ability to deliver against the most exacting of specifications. Our high-touch, personalised approach is particularly welcomed by startups and SMEs for whom we have undertaken assignments across the UK, Europe, the Far East and North America.

Over 20 years of real-world commercial experience underpinned by formal training from one of the world's leading management consultancies are behind our role as trusted advisor for your technology needs: be they strategy, tools or hiring. We are the bridge between your business and technology functions, able to communicate fluently in both languages.

We have first-hand experience of working in fast-paced application support environments where a timely response is critical. Mandate us to build a world-class application support team from scratch or alternatively deploy one of our own highly-trained in-house consultants. We consider application support to be the cornerstone of any successful technology operation.

We can do magic

Need a multilingual, Fintech-savvy big data engineer with risk modelling exposure and a passion for green causes to build a cloud-centric analytics platform?

We'll find them. Thinking outside the box. Pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat. It's what we do best.

We'd be delighted to support you.

Say hello@mongoosegray.com or fill in the contact form below

We’d be glad to help you.

Say hello@mongoosegray.com or fill in the contact form below

Why use us?


Imagine being presented with a shortlist of nothing less than high-calibre, precisely-matched, fully-briefed candidates, thereby saving you more of your most valuable commodity… time.


Imagine someone who was truly able to drill down into the detail, who understood the context behind the technical specifications thanks to many years of performing those very same roles.


Imagine us as your eyes and ears in the market, keeping a watching brief for outstanding talent, acting as brand ambassadors, tirelessly promoting your business in the best possible light.


Imagine working in partnership with someone who was not afraid to challenge the status quo or ask the difficult questions. Someone who was candid, transparent and principled.


Imagine someone laser-focused, with an almost unhealthy obsession for ticking all the boxes on your wish list, technical or otherwise. Someone who genuinely cared and felt the burden of responsibility to get things right.


Most of our mandates come via personal recommendation. Our steadfast determination to protect this hard-earned reputation is your guarantee of exemplary service and due diligence.


We deal in conversations not blind keyword matching. We won't try to shoehorn you into your next role, striving instead to match your ideal trinity of tech stack, product and culture.


You can expect timely, honest and constructive feedback every step of the way, regardless of where you happen to be in the process. We recognise that nothing-to-report is still a valuable update.


We are more interested in building long-term career partnerships than one-off transactional relationships. We will be there to help you take each step of your personal career journey.


As former candidates ourselves we've been in your shoes and performed the same roles we now recruit for. We speak your language. And yes, we know the difference between Java and Javascript.


We understand that you are a real person with real aspirations, not some digitised commodity to be traded at will. Count on us to champion your best interests ahead of any commercial considerations.


Our business is built upon eroding the oft-purported view of the IT recruitment industry as one plagued by poor business ethics and some questionable practices where all too often spin is the standard currency.

We are good
But don't just take our word for it ...

"Highly capable"

Management Consultancy Partner

"Rare individuals"

Business Change Manager


Senior Management Consultant

"Exceptional soft skills"

Client Engagement Manager

"Consummate professionals"

Global Risk Manager

"A level of excellence above"

Senior Software Engineer

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